High on Fire Strikes Back With New Album Electric Messiah

By: Hayden Gross

On October 9th, 2018, sludge metal band High on Fire released their 8th studio album titled Electric Messiah, their first album since releasing Luminiferous in 2015. It wasn’t long after the album release that Electric Messiah made its way into the U.S Billboard 200 and reached its peak at #127, making it High on Fire’s fifth studio album to break the top 200 since the emergence of the band back in 1998. After 20 years of monumental success, most would take their foot off of the pedal, yet the Oakland trio continues to produce thunderous anthems that will shake the ground around you with their hottest album yet, Electric Messiah.
electric messiah
High on Fire’s Electric Messiah Album Cover (EOne, 2018)

Like most of High on Fire’s albums, Electric Messiah keeps its quick and in your face presence with nine combative tracks. What makes this album so unique, and in my personal opinion better than their previous works, is that it echoes sounds of the earlier days of High on Fire while still interweaving their new crisp and sharp sound that the band has adopted since signing with Entertainment One Music back in 2010. The very first song, “Spewn from the Earth”, lets listeners know exactly what they’re getting themselves into with this album. Most importantly, it gifts their fan base with a wake-up call from the group’s three-year absence.  From that point on, the album transitions quickly and provides listeners with merciless, war-ready anthems such as “Electric Messiah” and “Sanctioned Annihilation”. For those new to High on Fire, other must-hear tracks include “God of the Godless” as well as the last song on the album, “Drowning Dog”. I think most High on Fire fans would agree that Electric Messiah sums up what High on Fire has always stood for since getting their start 20 years ago in one 9 track album. Electric Messiah is raw, cutthroat, and assertive. If that’s not something you can handle, then I suggest steering clear. BUT, for those of you who consider yourselves metal fans, I highly recommend giving Electric Messiah a listen.

High on Fire – Electric Messiah

Author: Hayden Gross
Email: Hayden.gross87@gmail.com

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