Palisades Returns to Their Roots

By: Tyler Petty

Palisades barely lets us breathe after a killer 4th album. The New Jersey based post-hardcore band is fresh off their self-titled release, Palisades, which was released in early 2017 and proved to be an incredible album from cover to cover. So far in 2018, they have already teased us with two great singles off their upcoming album Erase the Pain. The first single, “War”, released October 5th and starts off easy. However, the newly established hit quickly turns it up with lead singer Lou Miceli Jr. screaming “You’re the only one to blame”. After the first line, the listener knows this song will definitely be a song you will want to listen to at full volume. “Fragile Bones”, the second single,  is a lot calmer but still a song that has a lot of meaning to it.

Palisades – “War”

From listening to both singles and knowing the title of the album Erase the Pain, us Palisades fanatics are in for one emotional experience with this album. The new music seems to have a hard-hitting theme of a relationship that went up in flames and was very volatile; with no chance of a good ending. Love is a dangerous game that everyone wants to win at, but ultimately a lot of relationship seems to end in a “War”; we can only hope its an album that will hit home with all of their long time fans. I know that I am incredibly excited for Erase the Pain which will be released December 28! Make sure to give “War” and “Fragile Bones” some love on iTunes or Spotify!

Palisades – “Fragile Bones”

Until Next Time,
Tyler Petty

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