Hands Like Houses experiment with their new album ‘-Anon.’

Coming out of Canberra, Australia, Hands Like Houses has been shaking up the post-hardcore scene since 2008. Hands Like Houses released their fourth studio album, -Anon. on October 12, 2018. They took this album in a different direction than their past work and experimented with a bit of everything.

The album opens with “Kingdom Come”, coming in with a catchy guitar riffs and claps that would be fun to join in if you saw them live. It is fairly soft throughout the song which is a good contrast to the next song, “Monster”. “Monster” opens with a catchy guitar riff and gritty vocals and builds to the chorus. “I can feel it coming alive” is repeated in the pre-chorus and chorus which makes it a good song to sing along to.

The next song, “Overthinking”, is one of the standout tracks from the album. It showcases the band’s talent and songwriting skills. The catchy lyrics make this song one of the many sing along tracks from -Anon..

The next three songs “Through Glass”, “Half-hearted” and “No Man’s Land” are some of the more emotional songs on -Anon.. “No Man’s Land” had lyrics talking about the problems in society today and the effects that they’re causing but each verse ends with a positive line like a light at the end of a tunnel.

The next song, “Black”, starts softer but builds ups through the song. The last part of the song has some screams from Trenton Woodley and is the heaviest part of the album.

The second the last song, “Tilt”, has a lot of the sounds that Hands Like Houses fans know and love. It is not as heavy as that last part of Black but it’s consistently heavy throughout the song.

The last song, “Bad Dream”, shows another side of Hands Like Houses. The song incorporates electronic instruments in the choruses and feels a bit like Muse.

For the most part, -Anon. succeeded in blending different genres together into a unique sound for Hands Like Houses. This showed that band is open to experimenting and, while I have no idea what to expect after listening to this album, I’m excited for what’s coming next from them.

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial
Email: acjones212@gmail.com

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