The Takeover of SharpTone Records

Record labels have become the driving force for modern music. It has reached a point where a majority of band’s dream of landing a record deal and releasing an album. Growing up, I remember labels such as Victory and Fearless carrying the way for rock/metal/punk groups. I remember seeing the names of the same label coming up over and over again for all of these great bands.

Then, the record labels became stagnant. Music became more and more repetitive and bands were not adapting. It was simply the same thing over and over again. Same band, different albums, all the same. Around this time last year, I came across a label named SharpTone Records. In all honesty, I had never really heard of it. I saw a few bands signed under them that were familiar, some were even veteran groups taking another crack at the industry. Fast forward to now, and SharpTone is running the state of rock music recording. 

SharpTone was formed in 2016 and their roster is simply incredible. It includes the likes of:
Alazka, a post-hardcore group formed in Germany (signed 2017)
Being As An Ocean, a melodic hardcore group from the U.S. (signed 2018)
Bleeding Through, the heavy metal gods of Orange County (signed 2018)
Currents, a Connecticut-based metalcore group (signed 2017)
Crystal Lake, Japan-based metalcore group (signed 2018)
Don Broco, British-based rock group (signed 2016)
Emmure, Connecticut-based metalcore group (signed 2016)
Miss May I, metalcore legends from Troy, Ohio (signed 2016)
We Came As Romans, Michigan-based metalcore veterans (signed 2016)
While She Sleeps, the fast-growing British metalcore act (Signed 2017)

Currents – “Forever Marked” (2018)

As SharpTone has shown consistently, they have made big signings every year to date. While She Sleeps, Crystal Lake, and Currents are fresh off of new releases that have set the standard for music to come in 2019. Expect another breakout year from SharpTone and their artists. Until then, enjoy the holiday season and be sure to check out new releases from SharpTone artists here!


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