Landmvrks come back with a new album, Fantasy

The French metalcore band Landmvrks is out with a new album, Fantasy. This is their second album after they released Hollow in 2016. With Fantasy, Landmvrks is creating their own sound, breaking away from some of the traditional metalcore sound on some tracks.

Many of the song have punchy, head banging screams with melodic, ballad style choruses. Their singer, Florent Salfati, shows off his talent moving seamlessly from screams to clean vocals in most of the songs on the album. The instruments also show out here. “Scars” opens with a catchy guitar riff that helped make this song my favorite.

The catchy guitar riff in “Scars” was played by Florestand Durand of Novelists, another French band, and showed how Landmvrks made use of guest musicians throughout Fantasy. Aaron Matts adds his growls to “Reckoning” and helps solidify the dark sound that’s prevalent throughout the song. Camille Contreras of Bliss Sigh is featured in “Alive”. While she sounds good and “Alive” is a good song, it just seems out of place on the album. It’s a soft song with no heavy guitars or screams stuck between two of the heaviest songs on the album. I think it would have been better placed in a different part of the album because it creates a jarring experience going from heavy, to soft and back to heavy.

Another standout song is “Blistering”. It’s a heavy song that’s soft in all the right places. It couples catchy clean choruses with deep growls in the verses. The second to last song, “Kurhah”, is an instrumental piece setting the stage for the darker song, “Disdain”. This song is heavy all the way through with Salfati screaming in the verses and choruses.

Overall, I think Landmvrks did a good job with Fantasy. They explored different sounds on this album than they did with Hollow and it set the stage for them to do something even bigger with their next album. Check out Fantasy for yourself here. If you’d like to learn more about Landmvrks, or check out their tour dates if you’re in Europe, click here.

I give Fantasy an 8/10

Author: Austin Jones
Instagram: @austincjonesofficial

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