An August Burns Red Christmas

Ever wanted to get your metal on during the holiday season? August Burns Red (ABR) throws a jolly and jubilant haymaker with their new holiday EP, titled Winter Wilderness. This has seemingly become their trademark, as it is the second holiday release by the Pennsylvania-based metalcore group. As expected, this EP is entirely instrumental, just as the initial holiday album Sleddin’ Hill. Don’t let that undersell what this package is carrying. August Burns Red has proved time and time again that we do not need to hear Jake Luhrs to hear great music (he’s a pretty big part of it, though).

August Burns Red: “Winter Wilderness” Guitar Playthrough

This year’s holiday EP by August Burns Red consists of six full-length instrumental tracks. They went with some of the classics, while also adding in a cover of the Home Alone theme. ABR throws a curveball of their own, which includes their own instrumental titled “Winter Wilderness”. Of the six total songs, August Burns Red gives you a new reason to celebrate Christmas; with skin-splitting riffs and breakdowns that require a follow-up at the local chiropractor. Based on the EP’s overall consistency and dedication to a genuine August Burns Red holiday miracle, we rate Winter Wilderness as a 9.7/10. 

It comes as no surprise, this band continues to deliver. They have stood the test of time and fans will look to 2019 to continue the legacy of this legendary metalcore group. The last few August Burns Red albums have come in sequence of every two years, so 2019 may hold the follow up to Phantom Anthem. Until then, give your holiday season a metal spin with the new August Burns Red EP. It also makes a great last second gift, so check out the link below! You can also find a link for frontman Jake Luhrs new devotional below. Have a shredded Christmas, boys and girls!

Mountains by Jake Luhrs
Winter Wilderness EP by August Burns Red


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