The Long-Awaited Van Halen Reunion

Prepare to be amazed. Rumors circling the rock world are indicating the possibility of activity from the legendary Van Halen in 2019. Even more so, these rumors include a line of shows or a tour that consist of the original lineup. If this were to occur, it would be the first time since 1984 that David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony have played together.

The prestigious Eddie Trunk stated on his show, Trunk Nation (via Sirius XM), that many rumors have surfaced regarding the band’s activity in 2019. Further, Trunk explains that reliable sources have relayed to him that Van Halen is planning on touring in 2019 with the original lineup. This would follow the 2015 North America Tour, which consisted of the original lineup aside from Wolfgang Van Halen (son of Eddie) taking over in place of Michael Anthony. The band has toured with David Lee Roth since 2004, leaving “Van Hagar” on a 10+ year absence. You can listen to Trunk discuss the rumors at the link below (via Metal Highlights)

A division of iHeartRadio allegedly contacted Anthony on December 26, who denied the rumors and stated he “had not spoke with the band since 2004.” Despite Anthony’s reaction, he stated that a reunion would bring “closure” following some of the bad blood between the group and Anthony.

If this tour pans out, classic rock fans will have the time of their lives in 2019. Hall of fame members KISS have already announced a massive farewell tour, with Paul Stanley stating it’ll be the best show to date. Hard rock superstars Scorpions have already scheduled a tour for 2019, bringing back yet another astonishing live showing. A Guns N’ Roses album is also anticipated in 2019, leaving a tour to be desired in the least. I think it’s safe to say that the new year is bringing something big. As for the whole picture, 2019 is the year of classic rock.


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