2018 Awards of the Year

2018 proved to be one of the biggest years in rock music. Long awaited follow up albums, hit singles, and thrashing EPs dominated the industry once again. Fans got the joy of having a follow up album from both Ghost and Architects, in which many drastic events have occurred since their last respected releases. In the case of Ghost, lead singer Tobias Forge was faced with multiple lawsuits and the band’s identity from the inside was revealed. Architects guitarist Tom Searle tragically passed away following his battle with cancer, leaving the group without what many considered to be the heart and soul of the group. Both bands released albums that are AOTY (Album of the Year) worthy. Additionally, both groups showed that their critically-acclaimed bands are much more than just a bunch of guys playing music.

Today, we will be recognizing three groups for their releases in 2018. This will include:
1. Single of the Year – 2018
2. Album of the Year – 2018
3. EP of the Year – 2018

1. Single of the Year – 2018
“Rats” – Ghost

Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge continues to flash all of the tricks up his sleeve. “Rats” was no disappointment, as it reached the top of the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts following its release in April of 2018. The song included the energetic and powerful Cardinal Copia, the persona of Forge that comes after Papa Emeritus III. Cardinal Copia served as the passing of the torch, and “Rats” was a full taste of what would come with the full album later in 2018.

2. Album of the Year – 2018
Holy Hell –

One of the largest questions surrounding English-based Architects was how they would follow up All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, which was arguably their best album to date.  Fans were greeted with the release of “Hereafter”, the first single from the highly anticipated album. While two other singles would follow, this song set the tone for what we now recognize as album of the year. The beautiful thing about Holy Hell is that it picks up exactly where All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us left off, essentially serving as a part two. The 11-track album has received a variety of critical acclaim, including from our very own Austin Jones. The link to his review can be found here.

3. EP of the Year – 2018
I Let The Devil In – Currents

Let’s face it, we are recognizing this category specifically for this EP. Metalcore group Currents built I Let The Devil In to follow their hit album The Place I Feel Safest. Currents is one of the fastest growing groups in the industry, and rightfully so. They are bringing back a true sense of metalcore and this year’s release holds true. This five-track EP packs a next-level punch that other metalcore groups may not have seen coming. Big things are expected from this young group, but I Let The Devil In is a warm reminder that to say this band s going big places is an understatement.

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading and all of your support in 2018! Feel free to drop your thoughts below or send your feedback directly to the author at the link below. See you in 2019!


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