A Star, Born Again; Lady Gaga Takes on Rock and Roll

A phenom in a class all her own, Lady Gaga is known worldwide for her eclectic and mind boggling fashion choices for red carpet appearances. Gaga claims that her bizarre style is an outward expression of her fame, whilst remaining at the center of her own guidance. When told that, as a woman in the music industry, her appearance should portray beauty and sex-appeal, she has been known for her rebellious costumes, worn in spite of such expectations.

With her outward appearance having often been the subject of criticism, conversation, and even confusion, the past year has proven her greatest upset to the music industry. The pop star made groundbreaking breakthroughs in not only the box office but on music charts with her starring role in A Star Is Born. The film, a third generation rendition of the classic, stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, a couple bound by music and plagued by addiction and the crushing weight of stardom. Cooper, who directed the film, chose Gaga for her unique tonal and dynamic range, and together the two assisted in writing and composing an entirely original score for the film.

With the film’s success came inherent success for the sound track, featuring instant classics such as “Shallow” which is currently sitting at 300+ million streams on Spotify, and “Always Remember Us This Way” with an equally impressive 100+ million streams. As 2018 turned to ‘19, both fans of Gaga and Cooper were delighted to see that the soundtrack tunes were released by Gaga as radio singles, and have since gained steam climbing the charts.

In the year to come, we predict that alternative rock fans will see less of Gaga’s outlandish red carpet attire and more of her increasingly edgy front as she powers into not only the box office, but into the rock scene, with major thanks to her stunning performance in A Star Is Born. The film is set to release on DVD and Blu-Ray platforms soon, and will usher in a new era in music for the incredibly talented Lady Gaga.

Author: Blake Junior
Email: bjuniorota@gmail.com

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