Endless Summer Breathes New Life into Beloved Classic Sounds

What better feeling than to be on the road with family and friends enjoying all of the glory that is a vacation. In my life I have spent many days covering many miles of highway and byway to get to destinations for work and for fun, and all of these journeys have been marked and en-grained by what music I have left blaring from the speakers drowning out the hum of the road beneath the tires. These tunes, that shake the foundations of who we become, often times are influential in shaping our memories and perception of where our lives take us.

This brings me to the purpose of writing this article: a pair of brothers with a mission to spread joy through classic and modern tunes, covered and recorded live on location in some of North America’s wonders of nature and beauty. Endless Summer is their name, and they have cultivated a massive following on YouTube for their tasteful renditions of songs that have shaped our generation and generations past, covering all genres. The duo, made up of brothers Clint and Bob Moffatt, hail from Canada, and have been traveling all across the US recording tunes that are yielding over a million streams and views.

The brothers’ voices and harmonies are reminiscent of a classic gospel, with a heavy breathed smoothness that brings listeners into an ease of listening, and yearning to hear more. The duo has covered artists and songs from decades past as well as writing and producing their own songs, like their latest original release “I Will”. You can find this tune as well as all previously recorded covers and originals on Spotify and YouTube. The brothers are set to take 2019 by storm, and judging by their works past I am eager to see what’s in store. Check out Endless Summer, and see just how well the duo can breathe new life into the classics you’ve come to love and enjoy, and see just where their music takes you.

Author: Blake Junior
Email: bjuniorota@gmail.com

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