ADTR Formally Announce Summer 2019 Tour with Knocked Loose and Boston Manor

Following a vast amount of rumors circling their media following, A Day To Remember (ADTR) took to social media Monday morning to announce their Summer 2019 tour with hardcore phenoms Knocked Loose and pop punk band Boston Manor. This comes following the “15 Years in the Making” tour, which took place in early 2018.

ADTR took to social media Monday morning to formally announce the “Raisin’ Hell in the Heartland” Tour (Photo via Instagram)

ADTR is widely known for blending sounds from pop punk and metalcore, leading them to becoming one of the most beloved bands from both scenes for years. Knocked Loose took over the hardcore scene after the release of their first studio album, “Laugh Tracks”, in 2016. Notably, frontman Bryan Garris brings both a new energy and a new sound to hardcore. Garris previously stated that their sound is a somewhere between hardcore and metalcore, which fans have seemingly embraced whole-heartedly. Some have referred to Garris and Knocked Loose as the forefront of the “metalcore” revival. Boston Manor is a true pop punk band, sticking to their roots since the band was conceived in 2013. They are currently signed to Pure Noise Records alongside tour mates Knocked Loose. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 1st at 10:00 am local time!

The tour is slated to begin on May 31 and conclude on June 28 (Photo via Instagram)

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