Inside Look: A Review of The Dangerous Tour 2019

Tour: The Dangerous Tour
Date: February 19th, 2019
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Venue: The Intersection
Artists: August Burns Red, Fit For A King, Miss May I and Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake
The Japanese metalcore band came out swinging with a drum solo and older tracks, ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Six Feet Under’. The crowd broke the room open as Ryo, vocalist, joins them while they burst into ‘Hail To The Fire’ off the bands latest album, ‘Helix’ released on February 15th, 2019. They move quickly through with ‘Machina’, ‘Aeon’ and finish with the notable track ‘Apollo’. I highly recommend checking Crystal Lake out if they come to your town because they were one of the best performances I’ve seen in a very long time. Instagram: @Crystallake777

Miss May I
The Ohio natives rolled through town and made it know that Michigan is their second home. The band was loud and brought the energy with ‘Swallow Your Teeth’, ‘Hey Mister’, ‘I.H.E.’ and ‘Lost In The Grey’. It was about time the crowd got involved. Levi called out to the crowd in a chant, ‘Under’ as the crowd responded ‘Fire’ and maintained the loud screams throughout ‘Under Fire’ . After, Jerod, drummer of Miss May I, jumped into a drum part that sounded like ‘A Dance With Aera Cura’ off the bands first full length album and teased us which lead to ‘Relentless Chaos’ a crowd favorite and sing along. The circle pit, once again, opened up the room. The band finished their set with ‘Shadows Inside’ arguably the bands most known track. Keep an eye open for some new music from Miss May I over the next year or so! Instagram: @Missmayiband

Fit For A King
After seeing this band many, many times, I can say this band has become one of my favorites to see. The bands latest release ‘Dark Skies’ is one of the most intense albums of 2018. The album consisted of 5 tracks of its nine song set list. The band opened with ‘Shattered Glass’, ‘The Price Of Agony’, ‘When Everything Means Nothing’, and ‘Backbreaker’ with a special guest feature from Ryo of Crystal Lake. The combination of Ryan and Ryo was a heaviness the left chills running down my spine. I hope to see Crystal Lake and Fit For A King touring together again soon. ‘Dead Memory’ came next and the crowd had hoped to see Jake Luhrs from August Burns Red feature in the song, but he did not, the song did not disappoint. ‘The End’s Beginning’ lead into ‘Pissed Off’ and into ‘Stacking Bodies’ with an interesting feature of Levi Benton from Miss May I. Levi sang his part of ‘Staking Bodies’ sitting on bassist/vocalist Ryan ‘Tuck’ O’Leary’s shoulders. Fit For A King finished their set with ‘Deathgrip’ and ‘Tower Of Pain’ leaving the crowd chanting ‘One more song’ the band stated they would be back in Michigan before the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled for a new tour! Instagram: @fitforakingtx

August Burns Red
Seeing August Burns Red is always a treat that you crave after every show. The emotion, intensity and brilliance goes beyond most shows. The band came out with fierce, powerful sound and energy. Starting the set with ‘Dangerous’, ‘Composure’, ‘Meddler’, ‘Provision’, ‘Invisible Enemy’ and ‘Float’. The amount of crowd surfers easily hit the 50’s and continued to grow over the night. The crowd finally caught a short break as guitarist, J.B. Brubaker, played the intro to ‘Mariana’s Trench’. As quickly as the break started August Burns Red moved through with ‘King Of Sorrow’ and ‘Identity’. By this time I started to notice that Jake Luhrs vocals are not only maintaining, but have gotten better. His breath control and depth of his voice are the focal points of why he has been noted as one of the best vocalist of the generation. The band plays ‘Truth of a Liar’ then plays my favorite track of the night ‘Ghost’. The band ends with ‘Empire’ as the lights dim and they exit off stage. A few minutes after the band goes off, drummer Matt Greiner returns and destroys his drums with a 5-minute drum solo that goes into an insane cover of the ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Theme song. ‘The Frost’ and ‘White Washed’ end the show in a memorable and nostalgic fashion. Each song topping the last is the best way I can describe this show. August Burns Red’s performance is the top 3 best performances I have ever seen. I genuinely recommend seeing them when they are in a town near you! The band released the ‘Phantom Sessions’ EP on February 8th, 2019. Check them out on Instagram at @augustburnsred.

To access Jeremy’s photography portfolio, visit his website or email him at to request photos. All of the photos above are courtesy of the author, whose contact information is listed below.

Author: Jeremy Coutu
Instagram: @VanceLens

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