Ian Munsick: Octaves Above the Competition

As a musician and an avid listener of all sorts of music, I often find myself chasing rabbits online, looking for that next great artist that might give me a spark of inspiration. These rabbit chases have led me to many artists that I would have otherwise never noticed. Artists who, despite their great deals of talent, may have fallen into the trap of the internet never to see the air of radio. In many instances this is the case. But this week I stumbled upon something that has me seriously intrigued.

An artist by the name of Ian Munsick. With an EP debut in December of 2017, Munsick has built an online following of over two million streams on his single “Horses are Faster” along with  a YouTube following of 3,000 viewers regularly checking in for the artists tasteful covers and renditions of pop and country classics. Munsick, with a tonal range unique to the mainstream, is octaves above the more common mellow voices of current country contenders. With tastes of bluegrass and traditional juke-joint country, Munsick brings a multi-faceted approach to the recording process as not only a guitar player, but a talented musician with a mandolin, and a superb vocalist as well.

Ian Munsick has steadily released covers for the past two years, following his successful self titled EP. Accompanied by a family of greats in the genre of Bluegrass, it is hopeful that Ian Munsick will be among a new generation of country musicians to bring country music back to its roots. He has been groomed for success in an industry that is all too often misunderstood and misrepresented, but has risen from the ashes to bring new light to the upbeat tunes of the hollows and share his take on the music that we have all heard for many years.

A brand all his own, with a heritage fostered in simplicity, Ian Munsick is well on his way to making 2019 a year for reckoning in the realms of country. Be sure to find his music on his YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram channels, and tune in to what this fella’s cooking up. It’s going to be a great year for Ian Munsick.

Blake Junior
Email: bjuniorota@gmail.com

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