Our Team

Jeremy Coutu
My name is Jeremy Coutu, I’m 24 years old, currently live in Michigan. I do freelance photography and graphic design. I’m going to college for mechanical engineering and business. I’ve been involved in the music community since I was 12, playing music and attending concerts. Through going to shows I found a passion for live music photography. Vance is my middle name which is where it comes from on my Instagram and website.
Email: vanceun@gmail.com
Website: VanceLensPhoto.com
Instagram: @VanceLens

Hayden Gross
Hi everyone! My name is Hayden Gross and I am one of the contributing writers for Unbowed! I enjoy all genres of music but have had a special interest in classic rock since I was a kid. Writing is something I have had an interest in as well and I’m excited to be a part of something where I can combine my interests in music with my interests in writing. I hope you find my articles entertaining, informative, and relevant to what you enjoy about all things music.
Email: Hayden.gross87@gmail.com

Austin Jones
Senior Editor
Austin has been a musician most of his life and he loves to write so writing about music just made sense. He likes most genres of music but his first love will always be hardcore rock. Based out of New York, NY, he loves going to shows so shoot him an email if you’re going to show up there!

Blake Junior
As a 24 year old Alabama native, My passion for music and photography stem from a rich upbringing in the midst of a musical household. My father has been a guitar player and operated a music recording studio ever since I can remember. Coincidentally, as a teen there was no real question as to whether music would make an impression on my life. I began playing guitar and drums at an early age, leading to multiple involvements in local bands and projects. Strongly influenced by the blues and country music that embodies the greatness of artists from years gone by, my prior involvement in the production and the creative processes has granted an open perspective on new music of all genres.  Through my love for music and passion for this community, I learned to practice the art of photography, and have since made a niche in the field with a focus on natural lighting and story telling through the lens. Due to my involvement in Unbowed, all of my passions for music and arts have found themselves at home.
Email: bjuniorota@gmail.com

Claudia Dimuro
Writer/Optimization Specialist
Claudia is an early 2000s emo kid and proud of it. Actually, she never got out of the early 2000s emo scene at all. Outside of writing she likes reading, watching Westerns, and showing off her dog, Max.
Email: cdimuro4@gmail.com 

Taylor Manley
Email: tjbm815@gmail.com
Instagram: @taylorjordan812

Tyler Petty
Contributing Writer
Email: tpetty94@gmail.com

Carl Schulz
Writer/Media Specialist
Carl Schulz is a writer and comedian hailing from South Central Pennsylvania. He graduated with a BA in English from Millersville University in 2018 and currently hosts the Mosh Talk podcast as well as a youtube channel, Moshlyfe. His favorite band is Silent Planet.
Email: schulz2032@yahoo.com